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Protect Your Laptop with ZeroShock Premium Sleeve

ZeroShock Premium Sleeve 15.6” is a fashionable protective case for a notebook or tablet or Laptop. Using ZeroShock Premium allows you to protect your laptop or notebooks from any serious damages.

Users need not to worry from their laptops or notebooks from falling down because ZeroShock Premium sleeve will protect them. It is made from a spongy soft stuff which further allows a smooth surface so as to keep your laptop safe.


ZeroShock Premium Sleeve is really lightweight and moreover features a cushioned structure as well as wave-shaped grooved. Using this sleeve, your laptop or notebook can absorb a shock only up to 100 g. it has got dotted surface material which is further waterproof and scratch resistant. It has got a waterproof zipper along with an accessory pocket as well.

ZeroShock Premium Sleeve 15.6” features double-lining foamy soft material from inside which is made from polyurethane foam which further protects the laptop with solid impact and outer double layer is made of EVA foam which further allows to protect the laptop from all the directions.

Functions of ZeroShock PREMIUM SLEEVE 15.6”

  • Shock absorbing structure- soft and foamy which further resists from any serious harms
  • Unrivalled protection- scratch proof and waterproof material which further resists any harms during any bad weather conditions
  • Shock absorbing structure and unrivaled protection together assures a fully-fledged security all the time which further resists any shock up to 100 g.

ZeroShock PREMIUM SLEEVE 15.6” Features

  • Provides excellent protection
  • Provides full security
  • Waterproof material
  • Scratch proof material
  • Full support from internal storage
  • Slim and light
  • Variety of hidden pockets
  • Variety of accessory pockets

ZeroShock never tries to make the users feel sad over choosing the Premium sleeve because they maintain their quality of the products as well as provides really a protecting cover.

We all know that, laptops are proving to be the best compatible partner to a human being either at home or at work. Many brands are providing the protective sleeves for protecting laptops but ZeroShock Premium Sleeve 15.6”is one of the best available in the market.


It is available at a low price on Gearzap with amazing features such as its quality, practical and it is being highly recommended by us.

ZeroShock Premium Sleeve 15.6”is a great product and a perfect size for the laptops. Laptops being our best friend these days and we should in return must protect them from any harm or scratches. Carrying a laptop with you is a utter risk as you never know when it will get a scratch or when weather changes and it starts raining or it may fall down from your hands suddenly.


You need to protect it from all the situations via using a protective case. The material from which it is made is tested with anti-shock technology and after the positive results they launched these sleeves in the market for users to use them for their laptops.

ZeroShock Premium Sleeve 15.6” is a premium built quality with dual shock ultra-absorbent sleeve. It provides really impact protection to the laptops. It is convenient for almost all the laptops but it is ideal for Apple Macbook Pro users. It features asymmetrical zipper which provides ease of access.

ZeroShock Premium Sleeve 15.6” is very well recommended for laptops for all sizes and it is pretty worth a buy. Laptops being most convenient partner these days and ZeroShock Premium Sleeve 15.6” is the best protector available in the market at present.

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