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Virtual Desktops – Monitoring Performance and its Criticality

Virtual desktop infrastructure is revolutionizing businesses. Thanks to virtual desktops , people can work from anywhere, anytime and through any device. Virtual desktop infrastructure is is responsible for making BYOD, i.e. Bring your own device concept , practical in true sense.

Virtual desktop

Types of virtual desktop

There are several types of virtual desktops available for the business environments. Some of them are :

1. Switchable desktop

Switchable desktop is not positioned at a fixed position on the user’s screen. Multiple desktops can be converted into multiple screens. By enabling a context, these screens can be accessed separately.Between these contexts, users can switch and can work on different applications at the same time.Different applications for different purposes at a time can be run easily through switchable desktop.

2. Viewports

It is also referred as “Scrolling Desktops” or over-sized desktops in simpler terms. It does not display multiple desktop but a single large screen.These types of VDI is useful for users who has small screens or if multiple usability needed on a single desktop, without the need of switching between different screens.

3. Portable desktops

These types of VDI can be easily transported from one device to another. It is extremely useful for people on continuous move and when they need to work on different devices at different time.

Top reasons, why you need VDI or virtual desktop infrastructure for your business

1. Security

Using a VDI adds an extra layer of security between your client machine and the database at the server. You might still need an antivirus for complete safety. But, VDI’s ability to separate common user from the critical data adds much needed security benefit in your business environment.

2. Cost

VDI makes your workplace much more efficient and efficiency saves cost.There is no doubt about it. It does not stop here. When your business goes for VDI, you also save cost on computer. You are no longer required to purchase full computer for each of your employees,but just a desktop. VDI consumes much less power too, and that means further savings for your company.

3. Convenience

The convenience of accessing any computer available at the workplace, gives the flexibility and adds to the efficiency of the employees.

4. Management

Managing multiple desktops through VDI is easier. You can know from a single place, what applications employees are installing and using. You are no longer needed to go to each desktop to check what is happening on those systems.

5. Simpler desktop

With the ability to work with multiple desktops, you employees can organize their day to day work life much easier and it will save them from the desktop clutter.

Improving productivity of VDI

VDI monitoring is the most important aspect of successfully implementing and improving virtual desktop experience for your employees.

Aternity for VDI provides these same benefits by critically closing the gap between the virtual desktop environment and user experience. It provides businesses, the following visibility for better tracking of user experience on VDI.

  1. Through Aternity for VDI monitoring, you can know the actual time spent processing the transaction by virtual desktop.
  2. You get the ability of a virtual desktop to acquire host resources in sufficient quantities, required for optimally execute its tasks.
  3. You get the performance report for remote file share, total network and server time spent, until the virtual desktop receives the response from the application’s server-side components
  4. You also get the latency of the remote display protocol, which is responsible for painting the end point device’s screen, as the user experienced it.

Aternity for VDI is a must have for businesses which are implementing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure in their business. This adds the much needed visibility to the performance of the virtual desktops, which will in turn improves the efficiency and productivity of your organization

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