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Top Tech Gadgets For 2013

2013 is going to be a booming year for new consumer tech gadgets of all sorts; from mobile devices to lap tops to computer accessories, inventions are in development all over the place.

However, let’s focus on a few home based tech gadget examples that could make your house or apartment a bit more cozy, efficient or entertaining in 2013.

1. Roku 3M Streaming Projector ($300)

This is the perfect home tech gadget for the consummate movie buff. With the Roku streaming projector, you and your family can enjoy a mini theater quality experience in home movie watching.

Roku 3M Streaming Projector

The USB stick attachment lets this awesome little device give you access to anything from Hulu to Netflix and any other online video. Simply plug the stick in to the projector, make sure you have a clear WiFi connection, a large white space like a wall or ceiling to project onto and you’re good to go. Best of all, the Roku 3M projector –powerful speakers and all– is so small that it can fit in the palm of your hand!

2. Learning Thermostat from Nest ($249)

Now here is a very useful, very powerful and aesthetically pleasing little home tech tool from the people at Nest technology.  The Learning Thermostat is a single small round high tech disk that you can connect to your home heating system and immediately enjoy the benefits of intelligent power management.


The nest thermostat is compatible with over 2 dozen different type of electronically controlled home heating system wires and, once installed, can be programmed to intuitively set heating conditions based on your normal habits, whether it senses you are home or not, or by a series of pre-arranged settings that you choose. You can even remotely manage the nest thermostat remotely through your mobile device.

According to the company that makes it, this little device is virtually guaranteed to lower your heating bill by at least 20%

3. Lockitron ($149)

If you’re one of those security conscious (or even mildly paranoid) kinds of people who needs to be absolutely sure that the doors on your house are locked when you’re not away, then Lockitron is absolutely for you.


Lockitron is simple and simply effective. Attach it to your front door any any other kind of external door lock you want and, once activated, it will from then on constantly monitor the status of your locks, telling you if they’re engaged, disengaged or broken.

Furthermore, since the Lockitron connects to your home WiFi network, it can also tell you all this information regardless of whether you’re in bed or on the other side of the country, thus preventing those awkward OCD moments of wondering if you had locked your doors properly or not.

4. Xbox 720 (price still unknown)


After years of anticipation, it’s finally coming to consumers’ hands in 2013! The Xbox 720 is promising to be a home gamer’s absolute dream device. According to leaked Microsoft documents, this successor to the now famous Xbox 360 will be powered by a whopping 8 GB of ram and a hefty quad-core processor, making it much more advanced than any other game console currently available.

Additional “leaks” about 720 are indicating that it’s going to have some hardcore gaming features such as blue ray support, direct recording from live TV, augmented reality glasses that work with its new Kinect device and 3D game viewing technology.

The expected release date is sometime during the summer of 2013.

5. Oculus Rift (Makers promising to keep it below $300)

The Oculus Rift has been much anticipated for some time now by game enthusiasts and just about anyone who’s been fascinated by home VR since they first saw it in their favorite SCI FI movies.


The makers of this supposedly revolutionary new gaming device are claiming that they’ll revolutionize PC gaming by providing a headset that allows a 110 degree field of view, full 3D environment interaction and completely realistic head movement tracking that lets you look around your virtual gaming worlds as if you were in them.

6. Wi-spy spectrum analyzer ($199)

Simple device, small device, but also one heck of a handy device; the Wi Spy spectrum analyzer is the perfect tool for the home based professional that’s sick of slowdowns in the often saturated home WiFi 2.4 Ghz spectrum band.

What the spectrum analyzer does is simple; it hooks into your PC or laptop, starts snooping along the wireless spectrum and constantly finds you the quietest channel that’s also the most free of any Rf interference. The end result is a constantly optimized wireless connection that works faster than ever before.

The Wi-Spy is a bit pricey for its size, but if you’re having lots of wireless interference problems, it might just save you hours of lost connection time.

7. 4G Technology

Alright, so this isn’t exactly a home tech gadget but it needs to be mentioned nonetheless. The newly rising 4G network is almost surely going to be the powerful wireless connection technology of 2013 and it’s promising to deliver far faster mobile web connection speeds than anything we’ve seen to date.

If infrastructure improvement plans go into effect as planned for this New Year, you’ll soon be enjoying ultra-fast mobile internet in homes, airports, malls major city centers.  Quite possibly a great solution for all those urban dwellers that reach the web through their existing 3G network more often than they do with a WiFi connection while on the go.

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