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The Top 3 Popular Tablets Of the Moment

When it comes to buying tablets, there are many things consumers look for. And considering the fact that there are so many tablets being sold on the market today, choosing the better one can be confusing as well as difficult.

Thanks to technology loving consumers, there are actually 3 tablets that are considered to be some of the best being sold. Before you actually consider sell iPad, you may want to hold on to it a little longer.

Apple iPad 2

Apple iPad 2 is the hottest tablet on the market and it continues to be the choice amongst avid buyers. Decisions are mostly based around screen size, operating system and weight, which seems to be giving other tablets a run for their money.

With a 9.7 inch screen and a weight sitting at around 1. 3lbs, there is no denying that it’s one of the lightest tablets around. It also has the highest amount of built in storage, unlike other tablets which offer users extendability.


Speed is another thing that makes this tablet a good buy. There is no denying that the 3G feature implements speed in a totally different aspect.

When it comes to companies sell Samsung tablets, buyers are just as excited about this tablet as they are about the Apple. Samsung has made it’s point to be apart of the tablet race and they don’t have any plans of stopping. Price wise, this tablet is much more affordable, which makes it much more appealing. And when it comes to being light, it pushed Apple’s iPad 2 off the table.

Weighing in at 0.84 lbs, and offering users a 2 inch smaller screen, Samsung is doing more than giving Apple a run for their money. Built in storage is just as impressive as the Apple iPad 2, and wi-fi doesn’t lack the speed desired.

Motorola Xoom


Who would have known that Motorola would have gotten into the tablet craze. The Xoom offers an Android operating system and is a bit more costly than some of the other tablets on the market. For some, if one is willing to buy a Motorola Xoom, then they might as well spend a couple of extra dollars and purchase an iPad.

But for many others the Motorala Xoom is just as good as the iPad, if not better. The 3G connected tablet, is around 1.6 pounds, with a 10.1 inch screen. It mastered the idea that a greatly built tablet should be light enough with a big enough screen.

Blackberry Playbook

If you are thinking about upgrading your blackberry by sell blackberry,then maybe you should consider investing in the Blackberry Playbook. It’s unique name is extremely popular amongst tablet lovers.


It’s lighter than the Samsung, and has the same amount of storage space as the iPad. This 4G tablet is nothing less than perfect and when it comes to delivering high end features, the Blackberry Playbook has no trouble executing the user’s needs what so ever.

Even though there are tons of different tablets being sold on the market, there are only a few that can survive the critical mind of the true technologist.

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