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Top 10 Spy Cameras for the Upcoming Year

Spy cameras are used mainly to keep a check on the activities of the others. You must have seen these spy cameras in airports, offices, banks, hotels, railway stations, shopping malls and even in households. Surveillance is required in many sectors of work.

There is a huge range of hidden cameras capable of recording videos and photos with distinct clarity. Do you like to know some of these cameras?

Check the list out – some high-end spy cameras are being talked over here. Finest Hidden Cameras for Better Surveillance..

1. Spy Hidden Micro Camera CCTV Car Remote Key Style


This is a hidden and spy camera which you can also use as a good webcam. You must get one micro SD card prior installing this camera. These cameras are generally found in cars as they are ideal hidden cameras for recording accidents.

2. Sphere Pen camera

Sphere Pen camera

This small pen camera is equipped with a 4GB flash drive which enables you to record HD quality video for 1.5 hours on a continuous basis. Apart from this, you also have the facility to store as many as 8000 pictures. The benefits of this pen camera are immense; you can plug it into PC and keep on using it unlimitedly.

This camera has the Li-ion battery that can be charged easily by connecting to some PC system with the help of USB modem. From this camera, you can have pictures of 1600 x 1200 resolution.

3. Swann DVR-421 PenCam


This is another pen camera which is so small in size that it can easily fit into your pocket. It is like a ball point pen. This camera offers you an internal memory of 2GB that enables you free recording of videos without any drivers and cables. If you want to view the video of this camera, you have to only connect it to the laptop or desktop directly.

This ball point camera is capable of recording for 90 minutes at a stretch. After you have recorded, you are free to upload it to your desired website. Lawyers and sales people generally use this camera.

4. LYD CM208CA Mini Camera


This is the most inexpensive Mini camera that functions perfectly in daylight. The installation is pretty easy and you can take crystal clear videos and pictures. This is a great camera offered at a low cost that is ideal for surveillance in offices and households.

5. VideoSecu Mini Pinhole CCD security Camera


This camera employs the CCD technology to offer you flawless images. The small size of this surveillance camera facilitates you to hide it anywhere you wish. Once you purchase the camera, it is ready to be used for monitoring – no installations are necessary. This camera provides 420 TV lines with high resolution much alike the full size camera.

6. 5 in 1 Dv88 Camera


This is a wonderful camera capable of recording photos and videos. This is available to you with a MP3 player supporting variety of audio formats such as WMV, WMA, MP3 and so on. The resolution that this camera offers you is 640 x 480. This camera with superb Polaroid lens provides you easy connectivity to your laptop and PC without any drivers.

7. Reconyx HyperFire Infrared Digital Game Camera HC600


Video recording in this cam takes place with the aid of infrared technology. This spy camera has rechargeable batteries. The best feature of this camera is every image taken with this camera has the stamp with moon period, time, date and temperature. Its 32GB memory stores every image with complete details.

8. Mini Smile Face DV Sports HD DVR Spy camera


This is a multifunctional gadget meaning you can use it as audio recorder, PC camera, hidden camera and camera in general. You can put this spy cam in different locations or can even wear it with your clothes, if the situation demands so.

9. Avaak Vue Wireless Camera


If you are searching for the simplest and the easiest spying camera, then your search ends with this gadget. This camera can be used in homes to keep a watch on it from some distance and can also be used to view the business anytime and from all places. You do not need to install any software program for using this gadget, it can be used directly.

Being wireless, it has the facility to be set up in all locations. For covering every angle, you have the option to set up multiple cameras of the same type.

10. HCBluetooth Earpiece Covert Camera


Like many other cameras, this camera also records both video and audio. According to the needs, this hidden camera can only take still pictures or record only audio tracks. It appears quite alike the Bluetooth based earpiece. With internal storage capacity of 4GB, you can save your audio and video without any hassle.

Author’s Bio: Sarah Evans is a homemaker. She wants to tighten the security of her home and hence looked for many spy cameras. Finally, she availed a camera and installed it in her home and connected it to her laptop with the help of online technical support services. This has helped her get peace or mind back.

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