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Are Tablets taking over from Handheld Consoles?

As the range of games and apps for tablets and smart phones widens further and further it would be easy to dismiss handheld consoles as part of a bygone age, on the way out. Is it true though? Is the rise of the tablet pushing other gaming platforms out or will it remain forever a question of preference?


Looking back or forward?

It’s nostalgia that keeps many of us playing the handheld consoles. You simply cannot get many of your favorite characters and games on a tablet yet, though in some cases this is changing. If the games you love aren’t changing platforms there seems little point in you doing so.

You’re also avoiding annoying ‘freemium’ content, where you think you’re getting a free game but in app purchases add up to make it expensive. The older game consoles at least all have up front costs.

On the other hand many of the most popular new games are available on tablets and the social aspects of gaming are easier on a platform that more of your friends are likely to have.


Many people do prefer the gameplay on the tablet. It is a great deal more intuitive. Some of us, believe it or not, never got the hang of the controls on some of the more popular handheld consoles as much as we wanted to play the games.

The tablet, though, just does exactly what your fingers tell it to do without having to remember which symbol or button does which action. On the other hand other people do love the solid feeling hand held consoles and find that it’s as instinctive as driving a car to play games.

Simply a matter of practice and what you’re used to. Much as driving an automatic versus a using a gear stick it’s also preference and what you learnt on in the first place.

On the go

More intuitive use and some really fantastic graphics make tablets the far more logical choice for many, especially as it can multitask. Being able to quickly and easily move between a game and your work if you get a call is extremely convenient and makes for a much lighter bag than taking separate devices.

If this is you you may as well recycle or sell on your old Nintendo DS: sell yours online and use the money towards a tablet that does all the things you need it to.

On the other hand some people prefer to have separate devices for different tasks rather than juggling it all on one that may not be as suited to each particular task, plus using up the battery on one device very quickly.

When it comes down to it the choice will always be one of preference. If you like the old style games that aren’t (yet) available as apps then perhaps hang on a little longer with your old Nintendo DS. Don’t lose hope though if you love the old games but prefer the gameplay on a tablet.

Many of the classic PC games are out as apps now from Doom to Carmageddon, so perhaps Mario Cart will move over one of these days. In the meantime there’s no reason you cannot enjoy more than one platform.

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