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Review Policy

DeviceByte is a mobile, gadget, Laptop, Devices, phone news and reviews website, which is run by a group of enthusiasts who report stuff from around the world, and provide unbiased opinions on each of the device available in the market.

What do we promise about our reviews

  • DeviceByte does not take any payment to review the phones.
  • DeviceByte provides unbiased, honest opinions on the products, with no limit for appreciation or criticism.
  • DeviceByte team says what our experts finds about the product, but not what the Advertisers wants us to say.

How to Get Your Product reviewed?

If you want us to write a honest and in-depth review of your product such as Mobile phone, Tablet, Laptop and other electronic devices then you have to send us the product for review. This review product will be with us for couple of weeks. Occasionally, the phone sent by the company is not retained for longer time as we send back the product to company within 2-4 weeks.

What is a review

A review is something done by our expert team by testing the various factors which we feel are important for the buyers, and which we test every bit before coming to a final conclusion, comparing with similar products in the market.

Here are the different factors that we test, before putting up a review of the device.

  • Design
  • Display
  • Performance, Speed, Benchmarks
  • Cameras – capturing samples, video recording, features, modes
  • Call quality – reception, speaker quality
  • Software – OS, Interface, Ease of use and Apps
  • Battery life (testing the life on light & heavy usage)
  • Connectivity
  • Value for money


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