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Review on PGPTools for Android- New App for Encryption/ Decryption of Text

Privacy is something that everyone need in their lives. Be it your personal messages or confidential business information you want it to be safe and secure from others. There are many people who are interested in accessing the personal data of others and make the most of it.


Most of us might be having friends who are always interested in knowing what’s going on in our life and they keep peeping into our smartphones to read our personal chats. Therefore, it becomes quite important for us to keep our data secure to avoid its misuse. This is where PGPTools for Android comes to your rescue. The app ensures the safety of your data by encrypting it.

Why to use PGPTools?

As compared to other encryption apps available for Android, PGPTools is the best and most easy to use app. Now hiding your messages from unwanted ones is just two clicks away. This app comes with a robust encryption algorithm that ensures that all your messages are properly locked and secure from others. This algorithm basically converts your text messages into codes that will not make any sense to anyone.

Therefore, even if any unwanted user tries to read your texts they will not be able to understand anything. Moreover, you can send these encrypted messages to others through different modes such as e-mail, Skype, SMS, Viber, Whatsapp and other messaging apps.

Features of PGPTools

PGPTools is the latest encryption and decryption app developed by SJ Software that ensures complete safety and security of your personal data. Here we have listed some of the most interesting features of PGPTools. Have a quick look on its features.


With new Android versions hitting the market every now and then, PGPTools are designed so as to match up the changing features and needs of an Android smartphone. Therefore, PGPTools supports 4.0 and above versions of Android. Moreover, PGPTools works flawlessly to provide high-end security and safety of data.

Encrypting Incoming Messages

Security is a major aspect when it comes to receiving messages from the other end. You need to ensure the privacy of the message from other users. PGPTools is the best way to extend security and privacy to your messages. Encrypting a message means changing a readable text into codes that can’t be access by undesirable persons.

Only the desirable user having the private key will be able to decrypt the message and access it. The unauthorized users can only see the message but are not able to read it. Therefore, PGPTools provides that added security to your private messages.

User- Friendly

PGPTools are designed in such a way so as to ensure ease of use to the users. The user- friendly interface makes it possible for the user to understand the app within no time. It comes with many handy features that perfectly fits in the user’s needs. The users are able to do better communication when provided with a safe and secure platform to do so.

PGPTools not only ensure safety of data but also offers an easy and convenient access to the app. the simple touch controls and high-end encrypting functions which makes it a quite handy encryption tool.

Importing of Existing PGP Keys

PGPTools makes the importing and exporting of keys easier and quicker. The app seamlessly works with the key manager in order to create, export and import keys thereby ensuring proper management and organization.

This tool makes creation, importing and exporting of keys much easier thus making it easier for the users to make use of the existing keys. PGPTools have got the best key management functionality.

Final Say

PGPTools are undoubtedly the best encryption tools available for Android users till date. It is an easy to access app and offers many added functionalities that makes it a must try app. So, if you are an Android user, you must definitely give a try to this new app for encryption/ decryption of text.

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