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Improve Your Restaurant Performance with Two-way Radios


Ensure smooth customer service and stay on top of every situation with two-way radios. They provide you with fast, reliable contact between members. There are no busy lines to contend with, and you will not have to use the overhead PA system to reach someone. Tech Wholesale offers high quality ...

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Sendhub : Reliable Business Phone System


Today we will be reviewing SendHub. SendHub is a provider of communications platforms for business and organization, which is simple, fast and reliable. They offer BYOD (Bring your own device) business voice  phone system which lets you call and text via web, iPhone or Android platforms. The main features being ...

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Jobvite : Complete Recruiting and Applicant Tracking Solution


Jobvite was founded in 2006 with a motive to incorporate social networks into the traditional process of hiring through recruiting platform. In the last 7 years, they have developed a system which can deliver effective and user friendly applicant tracking and employee referral programs that has the potential to save ...

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The Biggest Mobile Trends for 2013


Technology is advancing incredibly fast and there are constantly new devices hitting the market claiming to revolutionise the smart phone as we know it. The speed at which the mobile market has grown is largely due to new technology, and devices become outdated exceptionally fast. The mobile trends forecast for ...

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Case Logic SLR Shoulder Bag Holster : Review


Case Logic makes some of the great bags in terms of build quality and value for money. Today we will looking at Case Logic SLR Shoulder Bag Holster and the model is DCB-307. Initial Impression This SLR Shoulder Bag Holster has been designed to fit an SLR camera with zoom ...

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Guide to Promoting Infographics


Infographics are awesome. The sad thing about them is the fact that they have become „too mainstream”. There are so many of them posted day in and day out, that those that are actually worth something, are not given the attention they deserve. This can become a real problem, because ...

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The Latest Mobile Phone War: Samsung Galaxy S4 v/s iPhone 5


Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and this can most vividly be felt in the mobile phone market. Every few months, a company launches a phone claiming to revolutionize the mobile phone as we know it. Every time this happens, another company produces a phone which is supposedly better ...

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The Biggest Web Design Trends To Expect in 2013


While the broad scope of Internet trends may seem to be similar from one year to another, the fact of the matter is that new tools for web designers are popping up every year. With these new tools comes a plethora of new trends for every web designer to learn, ...

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