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Kenu Airframe Portable Car Mount and Stand – Review

Kenu Airframe Portable Car Mount and Stand

What could be more convenient than comfortably using your smartphone while driving! People who own a Kenu Airframe Portable Car Mount and Stand for Smartphones are capable of doing that. Make sure you have the best Car holder in your car before making plans for your next vacation. Fast moving ...

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Popular Android Phone Trends for Cell Phone Watchers in 2013

The launch of Samsung Galaxy S III, Android Jelly Bean, LG Nexus 4, HTC One X and a host of other smart phones has brought about revolutionary changes in the world of Android. Power packed with innumerable applications and features, these phones offer advanced and cutting edge technology for all ...

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Top 10 points you want to know about iPhone 5S

iphone 5s

Apple recently came up with the successor to the iPhone 5 and called it the iPhone 5S. It was rumored for a while now and sources made big claims about the device. Now the device is out and we know very well what the device exactly is. We give you ...

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SmartNaMo Saffron One Smartphone is up for Preorder


Few of the Narendra Modi Fans announced few days ago that they are going to unveil the NaMo Fanfone soon and here it is. The Narendra Modi fanphone is now up for pre-order on This smartphone named as SmartNaMo Saffron One, the phone is available in two variants – ...

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DIY designs for Gadget Chargers and emergency lighting

Solar Gadget Charger

Homeowners would do anything to make their homes eco-friendly. Small-scale renewable energy is a lot cheaper, not to mention that it can come in handy in emergency situations. Today’s technology is incredibly advanced, and if you’re not looking to buy expensive chargers and lighting devices, you can always make them. ...

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Managing Credit Cards through Mobile Devices

Credit cards are invaluable as long as you use them responsibly. You will get approval for a credit card in the first place because you have shown yourself to be reliable in financial terms. It is a record that you should guard closely. It will ensure that when you want ...

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Friend for life, MINI for friend

The focus of the new campaign is family values and future perspectives. The idea is that a Friend for Life will understandably stand beside you forever and ever, wherever you go and whoever you would like to become. Together with the MINI you raise your children, you teach them spiritual ...

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When To Switch Off Your Device To Avoid Threats

Switch off mobile

Why Switch Off Your Device? · Devices today are smarter and help you connect to the rest of the world through internet while you are on the go. · When your device is connected to internet, it is exposed to a lot of threats such as malwares, virus attacks and ...

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Nokia Lumia 720 with Features & Vibrant Color Options

Nokia has always provided its users with complete value for their money. Nokia Lumia 720, is one of the most amazing lower end phone, which is crammed with the Nokia’s finest technology. The optical image stabilizer, highly sensitive touch digitizer and many other nice features are now available at an ...

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Are Tablets taking over from Handheld Consoles?


As the range of games and apps for tablets and smart phones widens further and further it would be easy to dismiss handheld consoles as part of a bygone age, on the way out. Is it true though? Is the rise of the tablet pushing other gaming platforms out or ...

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