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How To Use Your Smartphone for Business

Smartphone for Business

Everyone loves their smartphone and the apps you can get for them. There’s nothing more fun that downloading a new game or application and playing with it for hours on end. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we all hold a very powerful tool in our hands; one which can ...

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Sony’s Upcoming ‘Xperia ZL’ 5-inch Android Smartphone

Xperia ZL

Sony has launched two super-cool smartphones at the CES, the Xperia Z and Xperia ZL. There isn’t much difference between these two and the only easily perceivable difference is the size. Xperia ZL is slightly smaller than the Xperia Z, but it is a little heavier in terms of weight. ...

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The Blackberry Curve 9320 or The Nokia Lumia 900

With Android and Apple dominating the market, the RIM and Windows mobile operating systems aren’t exactly the most competitive. However, there are some people that simply prefer them. Given this, we put the Windows Nokia Lumia 900 up against the RIM Blackberry Curve 9320, to see who could win in ...

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Netbook Adventures in 2013

The netbook is the laptop boiled down to its essential parts and made affordable. It’s the ‘part two’ of the laptop story – the part where the laptop becomes commonplace and anybody can pick one up for around a few hundred pounds. However, buyer beware, there are as many naff ...

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Lenovo Launches IdeaTab A2107 Tablet in India

Lenovo has launched a new IdeaTab A2107, a 7 inch  tablet in India. The tablet runs Android 4.0 (Ice-Cream Sandwich) and is priced at Rs 14,000. IdeaTab A2107 has a five point capacitive touch for multi-player gaming. The screen resolution is 1024×600 pixels and the device comes with 16GB inbuilt memory ...

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Nokia Lumia 920 : Review


The multinational communications giant Nokia have created yet another winning mobile handset. The Nokia Lumia 920 mobile phone, released in November 2012. Lumia 920 combines impressive specifications with the revolutionary Windows 8 mobile operating system to give a flawless and feature-packed mobile experience. Nokia Lumia 920 Key Features Wireless charging ...

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Google Maps for iOS is Back

Google Maps for iOS is Back. Remember when Apple, in its iOS6 launch ditched Google’s very effective mapping software? You have probably read about the thousands of horror stories about Apple’s “most advanced” mapping system. There’s even one story in Australia where a couple was lost in the middle of ...

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The Top 3 Popular Tablets Of the Moment

When it comes to buying tablets, there are many things consumers look for. And considering the fact that there are so many tablets being sold on the market today, choosing the better one can be confusing as well as difficult. Thanks to technology loving consumers, there are actually 3 tablets ...

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