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Why Mobile Bingo’s Such a Worldwide Hit

When there’s such a staggering array of games that you can play on a mobile, it seems a little surprising that so many people would choose to play bingo. Yet there are more than a hundred million bingo players who have already registered with online sites and now, many of those are choosing to play on their mobiles above any other device.

When you start to look at how the game works, though, it makes a lot of sense for people to choose to play bingo on a mobile. It’s a game that takes very little player involvement. It’s not like you have to keep pressing buttons or making decisions throughout the game. All you need to do, in fact, is decide which game to play and how many tickets you’re going to buy.


The simplicity of playing bingo makes it an ideal choice for playing on a mobile. Plus there’s the fact that there’s not a lot going on on the screen, so bingo is suitable for a smaller screen.

And, thinking about the cost of playing real money games, on many of the bingo sites like Wink, Costa Bingo and 888 bingo, there are often lots of free games dotted on the schedule, so you don’t even have to play. The fact that that you can be involved in a real money game for nothing is a great incentive to play.

So what if you lose? You lose nothing, and you’ll have had the fun of taking part anyway. To see a sample, Check out the selection of Costa’s free online bingo games and you’ll see that there are free games going on all the time.

One of the key advantages of playing bingo on the mobile is that you can play anywhere, at any time. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that people only play bingo on their mobiles on the way to work and while they’re away from home.

In fact, according to a report by comScore in 2013, there are 20 million mobile gamers in the UK and of them, more than two-thirds are playing on their mobile in the living room. Another 45% play in the bedroom. It’s the convenience of being able to walk around your home or sit on the sofa and play rather than having to sit down at the pc.

Bingo’s a game that you can mix in with other activities. For example, you might want to play, but have to get the dinner ready at the same time. If you’re on the mobile, you can take the game with you, not interrupt your playing time to get some chores done. And if you’re watching something like a football match on TV, and want a diversion at half-time, or even during the match if it’s a bit of a lacklustre performance, then being able to join a bingo game on your mobile allows you to play while you keep an eye on the match.

You might not choose to play bingo every time you want a game on your mobile, but it’s certainly a good one to have an account set up for. Then, whenever you want a real money game that’s fun and easy to play, and only costs pennies, you’ll be able to join in with bingo no matter where you are and what else you’re doing.

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