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How to Get Your Viewers to Promote Your Blog

Blog promotion is as much about reaching out to viewers as it is about optimizing your site. Most of us focus on reaching out to other bloggers, taking our content to social media and even running an optimized SEO and SEM campaigns. In doing so, we forget about how much more audience we can reach with a truly optimized site. There are simple ways to optimize your site and get your viewers to promote your blog.


Make Sharing Easy

Always – and I do mean ALWAYS – make sharing your articles and other content as easy as it can be. Place an array of Share buttons either at the end of your content or on the side; don’t forget to make the buttons as easily accessible as possible.

There are a few things you can do to persuade visitors to share your content more:

– First of all, you need to have a good content in the first place. Users will most likely share your article if they find it valuable or useful in some ways.

– Show how many have shared the article when displaying social sharing buttons. A high number of shares often persuade users to share even more.

– Add a simple but effective call to action. Don’t just place the Share buttons on the page. Add “Share if you like this article!” or other similar call to action to increase the number of social shares you get from your audience.

These may seem very simple and easy to implement, but they are actually highly effective in increasing the number of social shares you get from your visitors. The impact sharing has on your traffic is also substantial.

Update Often and Keep Users Wanting for More

Create a content plan or a rough schedule and stick to it. As your viewers get to know you and your blog more, they will notice your regular schedules. Before you know it, you will have visitors who wait for your next content. At this point, your viewers also have a higher likeliness of sharing your articles as soon as they are out.

A blog that is updated often – and, more importantly, regularly – can quickly develop a strong following. Pair this strategy with strong social media presence, and it would be very easy to get other people to share your content and promote your blog.


Writing a great content is just the first step towards making your blog as successful as you want it to be. You still need to interact with your audience to build a strong, rather personal relationship with them. I always spend at least 30 minutes to respond to comments on my blog as well as interact with followers on social media.

As the relationship you have with your audience grew stronger, getting them to promote your content will also get easier. For instance, after publishing a new article, you can tweet, “My thoughts on [a particular subject]. What do you think? Please share if you like the article.” This simple promotional step alone will get you a lot of retweets – and possibly a lot of new followers – and a wide exposure on social media. You will also be able to interact with your followers and viewers about the subject, allowing you to take their responses into considerations.

Optimize Your Site for Re-shares

Re-shares are when content you have shared on social media get shared again, usually through a retweet or a +1. When you have a strong group of followers on social networking sites, getting a lot of re-shares is not difficult at all. For the rest of us, however, there are a few optimization tips that can be applied in this circumstance.

For starters, make sure your site is optimized for social media. Implement Twitter Cards so that an excerpt and the featured image of the post appear on your viewers’ Twitter timeline when you share new articles. This will not only improve your social media performance – and click-through rate – but also increase the chances of getting your content re-shared. The same goes for Facebook and other social networking sites.

Next, make sure your titles are appealing; it is even better if you can make them intriguing to generate curiosity. Don’t fall into the click-bait trap though, because you can lose a lot of viewers once they start to realize that the title has nothing to do with the actual point of the article.

Last but not least, make your site mobile-friendly. Over 80% of today’s social media users are accessing their social media pages using smartphones and mobile devices. The only way you can succeed in this market is by optimizing your site for mobile views. Make sure visitors can access your site quickly and easily from their mobile devices and be sure to check your site’s compatibility with mobile browsers as well as the built-in browser of social media apps.

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