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Protect Your Laptop with ZeroShock Premium Sleeve

ZeroShock Premium Sleeve 15.6” is a fashionable protective case for a notebook or tablet or Laptop. Using ZeroShock Premium allows you to protect your laptop or notebooks from any serious damages. Users need not to worry from their laptops or notebooks from falling down because ZeroShock Premium sleeve will protect ...

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The Top 5 among the Trend – Ultrabooks

What is better than that smart phone in your hand? Better than that IPad in the store? Better than that tablet recently launched or even better than that laptop in your bag? Well upon facing such questions, one would be compelled to wonder “Does such a thing even exist?” But ...

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Top 8 Budget Laptops

In the past few months, we have seen some radical changes in laptops and they have grown faster, slimmer and smarter. But if you have basic usage like web browsing and text editing, you don’t need to spend over 50K on a laptop. You can buy a decent budget laptop ...

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Virtual Desktops – Monitoring Performance and its Criticality

Virtual desktop

Virtual desktop infrastructure is revolutionizing businesses. Thanks to virtual desktops , people can work from anywhere, anytime and through any device. Virtual desktop infrastructure is is responsible for making BYOD, i.e. Bring your own device concept , practical in true sense. Types of virtual desktop There are several types of ...

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Netbook Adventures in 2013

The netbook is the laptop boiled down to its essential parts and made affordable. It’s the ‘part two’ of the laptop story – the part where the laptop becomes commonplace and anybody can pick one up for around a few hundred pounds. However, buyer beware, there are as many naff ...

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Essential Gadgets For Every College Student

The requirements and demands of students these days have changed a lot, and this trend has appeared quite prominently over the last few years. Students these days need high-end gadgets to supplement the learning that they get from books and lectures. Just the conventional form of education does not work ...

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