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Genuine Apple iPad Smart Cover – Review

A large share of the tech giant company Apple, comes from its most popular and highly efficient range of tablets, iPad. Ever since the first iPad paved its way into the shelves, the company has seen unbelievable profits. Recently the most recent iPad models, the iPad Air and second generation ...

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Top 10 points you want to know about iPhone 5S

iphone 5s

Apple recently came up with the successor to the iPhone 5 and called it the iPhone 5S. It was rumored for a while now and sources made big claims about the device. Now the device is out and we know very well what the device exactly is. We give you ...

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Google Maps for iOS is Back

Google Maps for iOS is Back. Remember when Apple, in its iOS6 launch ditched Google’s very effective mapping software? You have probably read about the thousands of horror stories about Apple’s “most advanced” mapping system. There’s even one story in Australia where a couple was lost in the middle of ...

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Samsung Galaxy SIII vs. iPhone 5: Which Wins?

Samsung Galaxy SIII vs. iPhone 5

Quick comparison between Samsung Galaxy SIII vs. iPhone 5. The debate has been raging throughout the blogosphere. The bets are in and people get a bit precious when speaking about their beloved iPhones or Galaxy SIIIs. But which one is really better? Which one is higher quality? Better bang for ...

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